Currently I am a senior at Kutztown University graduating with a BFA in Communication Design concentrating in Graphic Design in May of 2019. My focus is in editorial, branding, package, and print design with some background in UX/ UI, HTML, and CSS. 
As a designer I continuously seek growth in knowledge, skill, and spiritually as a person.
In the past I've had experience working as a freelance designer creating illustrative prints, wooden hand signage, and brand work. The past two winters I had the opportunity to work for the the Erdman Game Farm at the Harrisburg Annual Farm Show designing and creating pen and ink illustrations, paintings, and prints. Other experiences include some fine art commissions for paintings and drawings.
The area of graphic design I really want to work in is print design. To me the best way to experience a brand or company is through the physical sense of touch. The use of different tactile components that elevate concepts and consumer experience in print design is what drives my enthusiasm the most. 

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